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Dear Sirs,

By making the Decision on determining the right to the payment of foreign currency savings, which has been delivered to you by mail, you are entitled to the payment of foreign currency savings.

In order to settle the obligations of the Republic of Serbia under this Decision, that is, the issuance of bonds and the payment of the first installment within the legally prescribed period, it is necessary that, after the expiry of the period of 30 days from the day of receiving this decision (when the decision will become final), no later than 3.02.2020, You should come to the Public Debt Administration, Serbia, Belgrade, Pop Lukina 7-9 Street, with your copy of the Decision on determining the right to payment of foreign currency savings and the Certificate of receipt of the savings book (if you sent the savings book by mail, this certificate is on file).

The Public Debt Administration will place a validity clause on your copy of the Decision and at the same time will cancel the original of the savings book.

With a valid decision, canceled savings book, as well as other personal documents that you need to have with you (ID, passport), you will be directed to open the following accounts at a commercial bank in the Republic of Serbia:

- cash account in Euros for the purpose of paying the bonds due in installments beginning on 28.02.2020. year ending 31.08.2023. year,

- the ownership account of the securities to which the bonds will be recorded and subscribed as stated in the Decision.

Please, after the expiry of the stated deadline, visit the Public Debt Management Department as soon as possible, open the said accounts in the Republic of Serbia and submit the information about them to the Administration, and for the purposes of the first installment payment, since the first installment of the Republic of Serbia bond payment is foreseen for 02/28/2020, and so that the Public Debt Authority can transfer funds to your accounts in the amount due in due time.

In case you cannot do these jobs in person by coming to Belgrade, you can authorize another person, who must issue a certified power of attorney on your part for all the above activities under the Public Debt Administration, as well as for the opening of said bank accounts. Please note that in order to open a bank account, it is necessary to bring valid personal documents of the owner (original or certified photocopy) and a power of attorney for the authorized person, as well as valid personal documents (original or certified photocopy).

For all necessary information, you can contact us on the phone numbers +381 11 2927 653, +381 11 2927 654, +381 11 2927 655, +381 11 2927 656, +381 11 2927 657, +381 11 2927 658 or via e-mail obveznicesds@javnidug.gov.rs.

* This notice is provided for informational purposes for the more efficient exercise of the right to payment of foreign currency savings and does not affect the right stated in the Remedy Instruction.

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