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System of Authorities
The Republic of Serbia is a democratic state, having a clear division of powers into legislative, executive and judicial.
According to the Constitution of the Republic of Serbia, presenting the supreme legislative act, legislative powers are executed by the National Assembly of the Republic of Serbia. The National Assembly is composed of 250 deputies directly elected in parliamentary elections. Proposals of laws are submitted to the National Assembly to be discussed and adopted. In order to establish and enable the functioning of the Government, being the holder of executive power, the support of the majority of deputies has to be ensured. Leading parties in the National Assembly, following the completion of the last parliamentary elections are: Serbian Progressive Party, Democratic Party, Socialist Party of Serbia and Democratic Party of Serbia. The parties of national minorities are also represented in the Parliament. 
According the Constitution, in Serbia operates the presidential-parliamentary system of authority. The executive power is presented by the Government, which is composed of the Ministries, while the President represents unity of the country and has separate responsibilities delegated by the Constitution. The Government is led by the Prime Minister and Ministers, whose term of office lasts for the same period of time as the term of office of deputies, i.e. four years. The President of the Republic of Serbia is elected directly in presidential elections, having the term of office of five years. Ivica Dacic (Socialist Party of Serbia) is currently the Prime Minister of the Republic of Serbia, whereas Tomislav Nikolic (Serbian Progressive Party) is the President of the Republic of Serbia.  
The role of the judiciary is to preserve and protect legal order in the Republic of Serbia. It is within the competence of independent and separate state authorities, i.e. courts. There are the Constitional Court and the Supreme Court of Cassationin the Republic of Serbia, whereas other courts are divided into courts having general and specific competences.
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