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Ministry of Finance
The Ministry of Finance is one of the most important departments in the Government of the Republic of Serbia. The leadership of the Ministry of Finance is composed of the Minister, State Secretaries and Assistant Ministers. There are fourteen departments within the Ministry of Finance, headed by Assistant Ministers, and nine Administrations, headed by Directors of Administrations. Mr. Dusan Vujovic is currently the Minister of Finance.
According to the Law on Ministries (Official Gazette of RS, No. 44/2014, 14/2015, 54/2015 and 96/2015 - other lex), the Ministry of Finance has several competences. The most important are related to performing state administration tasks dealing with: the state budget; defining consolidated balance of public revenues and public expenditures; system and policy relating to taxes, tariffs and other public revenues; public expenditure policy; management of available public funds of the Republic of Serbia; public debt and financial assets of the Republic of Serbia; regulating public property rights, property rights and other real rights of the Republic of Serbia, autonomous province and local self-government units; public procurement; macroeconomic and fiscal analysis, quantification of economic policy measures; foreign currency exchange system and foreign loan relations; system of financial relations with other countries and international financing organizations; customs system; customs tariffs; non-tariff barriers and free zones; basics of the system of social insurance contributions; banking system; personal and property insurance; system of payments and payment operations; securities and capital market; privatization and rehabilitation of banks and other financial organizations; coordination of the system of management and implementation of the programs financed from EU funds etc.
According to the current organizational structure, there are following departments within the Ministry of Finance:
  1. Department of Macroeconomic and Fiscal Analyses and Forecasting
  2. Budget Department
  3. Fiscal System Department
  4. Customs System and Policy Department
  5. Financial System Department
  6. Department for Internal Control and Internal Revision
  7. Department for Management of EU Funds
  8. Department for Contracting and Financing of EU Funded Projects
  9. Department of Property and Legal Affairs
  10. Department for International Cooperation and EU Integration
  11. Department for Control of Public Funds


There are seven Administrations within the Ministry of Finance:
  1. Tax Administration
  2. Public Debt Administration
  3. Treasury Administration
  4. Customs Administration
  5. Tobacco Administration
  6. Anti-Money Laundering Administration
  7. Free Economic Zones Administration
Presentation for Investors
Investor relations
Public Debt Management Strategy
Monthly Report PDA
Monthly Update for Investors
Yield rates of the Government securities
Issued Eurobonds Overview
Credit rating of the Republic of Serbia

Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Serbia - Public Debt Administration
Pop Lukina 7-9, Belgrade
Tel : + 381 11 3202 461 ; Fax: +381 11 2629 055
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