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Serbian Economy
The economy of the Republic of Serbia is based on providing different sorts of services, industry and agriculture. The economy of the Republic of Serbia is composed of the following economic branches:
-          Banking and insurance
-          Wood processing industry
-          Energy
-          Construction industry
-          Creative industry
-          Chemistry, pharmacy, rubber and nonmetals
-          Information science
-          Utility services
-          Metalworking and electrical industry
-          Agriculture
-          Metal mines and metallurgy
-          Transport
-          Textile and leather industry
-          Trade
-          Tourism and hospitality industry
-          Private security
The gross domestic product (GDP) was on the increase in the period 2005-2011, approximately of 2% on a yearly basis. GDP was on the decrease solely in 2009, presenting the consequence of global economic crisis, recording the decrease amounting to 3.5%.    
Total economic activities in the year 2012 were reduced by 1.7% compared to the previous year. Expected real GDP growth rate for 2013 is 2%. 
The most important economic sector of the Republic of Serbia is industrial production. Economic branches, recording the highest growth of GDP in the mentioned period were: energy, mining industry and construction industry, whereas the greatest fall was recorded in the sectors of trade and administrative and service activities.     
The Republic of Serbia performs international trade in goods mostly with the EU Member States.  
Besides relying on its own capacity, growth and development of Serbian economy depends on the market conditions in EU countries, as main foreign trade partners.  
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