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Auction Calendar

The auction calendar is an official plan of auctions made on a monthly basis, composed and proposed by the Ministry of Finance, i.e. the Public Debt Administration, based on the needs and possibilities for the financing of due liabilities of the Republic of Serbia in the planned month. Owing to the variability in the dynamics of public revenues аnd income, the Ministry of Finance is entitled to change the auction calendar during the month it refers to.


The auction calendar is one of the topics discussed in the sessions of the Liquidity Committee, being held once in three weeks. The Members of the Liquidity Committee are as follows: State Secretaries in the Ministry of Finance, Assistant Minister working in the Department of Macroeconomic and Fiscal Analyses and Forecasting, Director of the Treasury Administration, Director of the Public Debt Administration and other authorized persons.


The auction calendar demonstrates what securities will be issued or buy back (maturity and the value of the issuance) as well as the date when the auction will take place. 

 Planned  Auction schedule of RSD denominated Government Securities for Q3, 2019



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