At the auction of 5-year EUR denominated Government Bonds of the Republic of Serbia, issued on 31st of May 2017, the volume of T-bonds issued amounted to EUR 100,000,000.

The total volume of offers amounted to EUR 125,501,000. Government Bonds in the amount of 100,000 were realized, having the total nominal value of EUR 100,000,000.

T-bonds were sold at YTM of 2.69%. The maturity date of the sold bonds will be 2nd of June 2022. The coupon (2.50% annually) payment date is 2nd of June.

YTM on todays auction was the same when compared to that one of the previous auction of the same maturity, held in February 2017.

Receiving from the auction of the Government Bonds will be used for repayments of public debt liabilities which mature in June 2017.